Photography Credits

The Fine Foundation gratefully acknowledges the artists and organizations that made the following images available for this website:

The Fine Foundation, “In Partnership: The Making of The Fine Foundation,.” 2020

Carnegie Museum of Art, PittsburghPhoto: Bryan Conley

Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh

Carlow University

Pittsburgh Cultural TrustPhoto: Joey Kennedy

Getty ImagesPhoto: Wavebreakmedia

Attack TheatrePhoto: Martha Rial
Artwork in Photo: Matthias Pliessnig, In Here, 2009, Courtesy of Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia. Shown at Contemporary Craft

Repair the WorldPhoto: Brian Cohen

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Classrooms Without Borders

Getty ImagesPhoto: Cristian Casanelles

Getty ImagesPhoto: poba

Getty ImagesPhoto: Cosmin 4000

Getty ImagesPhoto: LPETTET

Photo: Bridgett Kay Winters